How to apply for Sainsburys part time jobs

There are a number of Sainsburys part time jobs available at the moment. While many people may think that the majority of jobs with Sainsburys involve store work, there are actually a number of job categories available with this organisation.

For example there is a large Logistics department in Sainsburys, which is based in various locations throughout the United Kingdom. The Logistics department employs a number of lorry drivers on a full and part time basis. They also require Warehouse Operatives, Shift Managers and Team Managers. Training is provided for these roles and advancement through additional training is also a possibility.

Over 200 Sainsburys stores also incorporate pharmacies. There are therefore a number of Sainsburys Pharmacy part time jobs available throughout the country. Possible roles include customer service assistant, pharmacist, dispensing assistant and pharmacy manager. While some of these positions require qualifications, others are offered with full training.

Of course the majority of Sainsburys part time jobs are available within Sainsburys stores. There is an extensive list of possible positions and roles within the supermarkets themselves, and many job opportunities are open to applicants from all backgrounds. Apprenticeships are also offered, although these generally are not available on a part time basis. Some of the positions with Sainsburys include baker, confectioner, merchandising assistant, online shopper and stock controller.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sainsburys part time jobs and how to apply for them, go to the Sainsburys recruitment site. This excellent website provides job descriptions and related information, along with job vacancies and contact details. It can be accessed at sainsburys.co.uk/aboutus/recruitment/.

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