Sainsbury's careers for graduates

Sainsbury’s believe that during the next decade, the retail sector will change dramatically so they’re making a major push to attract graduates. They’re looking for individuals with business acumen, ambition and intelligence. If that sounds like you, we’ve got some Sainsbury’s careers advice that will help your application.

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Grad intake

The application process is an annual one. You can register your interest in joining the programme by visiting sainsburys.jobs/graduates and clicking on the link. This will bring you to your Email client and allow you send a note to Sainsbury’s graduate HR team. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself a little so don’t just write a note expressing your interest in joining the programme when the next intake happens, but don’t go overboard either. A quick two line email that says something about your ambition, intellect and business acumen (the three elements they’re looking for) will help your application.

Graduates blog

The site sainsburys.jobs/graduates contains a link to a series of blogs written by graduates who are currently on the programme. This is a great way of getting an idea of what is involved with a Sainsbury’s graduate career on the 2020 Graduate Programme. You’ll probably read about life on the shop floor and get an understanding of the challenges you’ll face as you move between different departments to get a grounding in the culture of the firm. Each grad mentions their highlights and lowlights, so you’ll be able to learn something about life on the grad programme.

Any questions?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here or on the firm’s official website, you could get along to your local campus presentation. During the autumn months, Sainsbury’s reps tour the major universities with a campus visit or a campus presentation. These are ideal opportunities to put your questions to people in the know.

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