Safety Footwear Avoids Chilling Scenarios

There can be no denying that good safety footwear has kept many workers feet unharmed. We have all heard horror stories about workers having their foot crushed in horrific ways either by being trapped in industrial equipment or a heavy load has landed on an unfortunate foot. This is not only a cause of horrible distress for the employee, the employer can face mounds of paperwork and legal issues.

To avoid these chilling scenarios, many are turning to safety shoe retailer engelbert strauss. The German company specializes in work and footwear. They provide a variety of high quality safety shoes to suit most industries and have years of experience. If you feel you need to refresh safety footwear for you or your employees, this is the site to visit.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the other advantages ensuring your employees are protected provides.

Increase Morale and Productivity

Providing employees with safety equipment, such as safety shoes increases morale and productivity. Knowing you are protected means you are not thinking about keeping your feet out of harm’s way. As such, you focus on the job in hand, and that job is completed faster. It is not just personal injury and legal issues you avoid through good protective equipment, but you add to your bottom line as well.

Avoid Legal Repercussions

Legal repercussions if you have been found negligent in your duty to supply good personal protective equipment, and this includes safety footwear, is a sever concern for every employer. Considering that over half a million people a year are injured at work, the importance of protecting staff to avoid fines and prison becomes apparent.

Reputation Damage

Should a staff member get injured, the reputation of the business can suffer. Customer satisfaction will be suffocated due to the reputation for not caring about their employees. With every injury that racks up, the more likely you will go out of business. Safety clothes and equipment can avoid this completely.

Not Just Work Boots

Depending on what part of the foot needs to be protected, work shoes come in all types of designs. There are trainers, everyday shoes and even women’s pumps. This range of design will make wearing shoes of this kind more palatable to staff while ensuring you are compliant with health and safety regulation.

Cut Costs

An important aspect of providing footwear is that it cut costs. If someone is off with an injury or illness they still have to be paid. They have to be covered at work, and you lose productivity due to training and bringing a replacement up to speed.

The best scenario is to ensure the employees have the right safety shoes from the start. This keeps your business productive elevated, protects the reputation of the business and steers clear of legal repercussions.

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