Types of Royal Mail Jobs in London

Royal Mail jobs in London can be anything from office based vacancies in their main London office to delivery job roles. There are a few different sectors to work for in the Royal Mail, which all pay various different salaries and benefits depending on the type of role undertaken. You will have to apply to jobs directly at http://www2.royalmail.com/royal-mail-jobs/ and search for current vacancies to find the most competitive salary rates for the position you want.


Professional Vacancies

Professional vacancies are the operations of Royal Mail jobs in London, from human resources to finance, sales and management. These are not normally front-line positions and are instead vacancies that work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the business. Some roles will require extensive training or qualifications, such as human resource positions and management. Other jobs, such as call centre operators, may not require previous experience.


Graduate Programmes

The graduate programme for the Royal Mail is currently recruiting. Programmes range from graduate placements which combine on the job training, experience and learning into one package and may last for only a year. Other graduate positions will last longer and are especially designed for recent graduate, but most of these jobs are in the operations sector of Royal Mail jobs in London, not front-line jobs. The most popular sectors for graduate programmes in the Royal Mail are marketing, human resources (and other business sectors), management and finance.



The Royal Mail also runs apprenticeship programmes in both front-line and office based positions, such as delivery jobs or office operation positions. Apprenticeships are run as 18-month programme with the opportunity to pursue and NVQ.


Front-Line Positions

Royal Mail jobs in London also include front-line positions, which are mainly your basic postman vacancy, van delivery jobs and general delivery vacancies. Pay and experience required for each position varies.

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