Retired Dogs Police Pension Scheme is Barking Mad

Pampered pooches up and down the country get pedicures nowadays, and have their hair groomed as often as their owners but we’re not sure what to make of this new innovation from the Nottinghamshire Police force who are offering police dog pensions.

It’s not a final salary pension but the pension will be auto-enrolled to police dogs in the Nottinghamshire Police force if only because they are in no position to argue about it. The official we heard from said that police dogs are entitled to a pension as they are “officers in their own right.” So when a police dog retires from the force up to £1,500 will be given in pension. Enough to keep the dog in Pedigree Chum for quite some time.

The point here is to recognise the efforts these highly trained animals go to in the pursuit of crime and picturing them as police officers rather than sidekicks to police officers is no bad thing, but although we’re a country of animal lovers, paying a pension out to a dog does seem a bit over-the-top.

That’s not how policemen who work with these animals every day see it as PC Matt Rogers explains, “I'm really pleased and I think it's only right. As an organisation that works with animals we need to set an example.” His “partner” is a dog called Rossi, and the bond between dog and handler is as close as any better man and dog, “With Rossi by my side while I'm tackling a suspect I almost can't miss. I love him to bits, he looks after me.”

The pioneering pension scheme was unveiled by Paddy Tipping, police commissioner for Nottinghamshire who said, “We look after the people who work for us who have been police officers and staff, they get a decent retirement and I think it's important the same is done for the dogs.”

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