Looking for retail work without experience? Check this out

If you have always wanted to work in the retail industry but lack the level of previous work experience required by many companies, then there are a number of ways that you can set about building up your retail work experience so you can aim for the jobs that you truly want to work in.

The obvious approach is to start looking at part time retail jobs in your area. There are plenty of opportunities available in most cities and towns, but since they are rarely advertised on the major job sites they can be quite difficult to find without a little help.

So we recommend that you take a look at two different approaches. The first one is to focus your attention on your local shopping centres. Modern British shopping centres usually have dozens, if not more than a hundred stores each, making them ideal places for you to check for part time work.

Similarly, you can take a look at the supermarket chains in the area. These supermarkets usually hire part time staff in the position of cashier or for positions stacking shelves, so you should be able to find something there. In all these cases, you can be expected to earn a wage of around £5.93 per hour, although this may increase if you are willing to work overnight shifts in some of the 24 hour supermarkets in the area.

One thing that you'll need to keep in mind about working in retail is that, since you're going to be dealing with the public on a daily basis, you'll need an approachable and friendly personality in order to be successful.

Whichever route you take, the experience you gain will prove to be invaluable in the long run.

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