Finding retail vacancies in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne hosts a number of shopping centres and arcades. Some of the high profile shopping areas in the city include Eldon Square, Grainger Town and Northumberand Street. Eldon Square alone features over 150 stores, including well known brands such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. Due to the large volume of shops and stores in the city, there are often many retail vacancies in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Recently, the local authorities implemented the Alive After 5 initiative, which encourages shops to remain open after 5pm. As a result of this drive, many shops in the city centre now stay open for business until 8pm. This means that these outlets now require additional staff, as they have up to 17 additional opening hours every week.

Retail vacancies in Newcastle Upon Tyne can be found for a range of positions. Jobseekers can choose between roles for store managers, sales assistants, marketing assistants and sales directors. Sales assistants in Newcastle can expect to receive a salary of approximately £6.50 per hour, and a full time contract will usually consist of 37.5 hours. As most stores are open seven days a week, hours are generally allocated using a rota system. Therefore weekend work should be expected, and candidates are usually required to be flexible.

It is helpful to have experience in retail or customer service when applying for retail vacancies in Newcastle Upon Tyne. An excellent jobs site for vacancies of this kind is retailchoice.com. Vacancies in stores in the many shopping centres in Newcastle are also advertised on the websites of the shopping centres themselves, such as at eldon-square.co.uk/About-Us/Jobs.


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