We take a look at where you could find great retail in Swansea careers

While finding a job can be tough these days, there is one sector where it seems to be slightly less competitive, namely the retail sector. Due to the relatively low wages in comparison to more skilled jobs, the retail sector tends to have an exceptionally high turnover in staff. For this reason many stores hire year round in order to replace any staff who move on to greener pastures.

For those of you looking for retail in Swansea careers this is undoubtedly great news. Due to Swansea being one of the bigger cities in Wales, it is home to a large number of major retailers and supermarket chains, which gives anyone searching out a career in retail a much better chance of being successful.

While entry level careers in retail tend to start at around £5.50 to £6.18 per hour, it is very possible for staff to move up the food chain within the company. Sales assistants can very quickly become assistant and then full managers with a little luck on their side, and managers have the potential to become regional managers or become involved with the corporate head office.

If this is something that you could see yourself doing, then we recommend that you pay particular attention to The Quadrant Shopping Centre and the stores located in and around The Piazza. As the major retail employment hot spots in the area, they represent excellent opportunities for keen young staff to earn their stripes and begin their ascent towards the retail big time.

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