Looking for retail part time jobs at a Dublin northside shopping centre Ireland?

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There has been a major shortage of new jobs in the retail sector in recent times. Thankfully, things are now starting to pick up again. The hardest thing about finding retail part time jobs at a Dublin northside shopping centre in Ireland is knowing where to look for them.

You should always start looking in local newspapers as there tends to be plenty of retail opportunities in them. You could check The Evening Herald or The Metro which is Dublin's daily free newspaper.

Recruitment websites are worth visiting as well. Part time jobs are scarce on most of them but we suggest you check any of the following:

  • Retailjobs.ie
  • Jobs.ie
  • Parttimejobs.ie

You could also take your chances and simply drop into the shopping centres armed with a big bunch of CV's. This has proven to be the quickest way of finding part time retail jobs quickly.

Liffey Valley is one of Ireland's favourite shopping centres. There are over 100 shops including their anchor stores - Next, Boots and Dunne's Stores. You will also find Ireland's largest Marks and Spencer's here. Liffey Valley is situated in Clondalkin in Dublin 22.

The Square in Tallaght is another shopping centre that you should visit. Again, you will find over 100 shops and restaurants here that usually need part time workers to help out on evenings and weekends.

The Northside Shopping Centre is also worth visiting to apply for your new job. There are nearly 70 high street outlets in the centre. The shopping centre is located just off the M50 in Coolock.


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