3 top retail operations jobs and career areas

Professionals in the retail operations sector play a key role in product marketing, merchandising, department support provision and the customer buying process at the store they work. If you have the interest and some basic knowledge of retail operations, there are many retail operations jobs and career areas you can launch an exciting career in.

Top retail career areas

Three of the top retail operations jobs and career areas that give job seekers the opportunities to explore their talents and passion are:

1. Sales and Sales-related

Sales and sales-related retail career areas include positions such as sales officers, cashiers, stock receivers and stock associates. Sales is what drives the retail industry. As a sales or sales-related associate, you will be charged with the overall duty of serving customers and generating sales.

This career path requires you have excellent people-skills because you will regularly interact with many people from diverse backgrounds. You will also need problem-solving skills, teamwork and level-headedness to cope with the demands of the job. Prior experience in a sales role is always a plus when applying for these jobs.

2. Advertising/Marketing

Advertising and marketing retail operations roles are as diverse as retail companies. The roles may be split and allocated to different departments such as sales promotion, visual merchandising and advertising or centralised in one department such as sales and marketing, depending on the size of the company.

In either case, advertising and marketing professionals are responsible for developing plans and strategies that inform marketing aspects, such as product advertising, store signage and websites visibility. As a professional in this field, you will also be responsible for performing statistical analysis of customer or focus-group buying patterns among other duties.

3. Store operations management

Operations store managers oversee overall store operations and profits. Duties associated with these roles include overseeing recruiting, hiring and training new employees, enforcing store policies, taking disciplinary actions and planning for loss prevention by making sure operations do not exceed set budgets. Common titles for professionals in this career area include Retail Marketing Manager, Branch Operations Manager, Regional Manager and Head of Store Operations.

Management positions require big picture persons able to project into the future and inform the most financially sound direction retail stores should take. Moreover, you’ll need some basic education qualification such as a college degree or prior experience in similar roles to earn direct entry to management.

Final word

While our list of retail operations career areas only highlights three of the top retail operations jobs to inspire you for a career in retail, there are many more retail operations job opportunities available to serious job seekers. Among them are human resources, IT and eCommerce and distribution and logistics. Find a suitable retail operations job that meets your interests, skills and talents and apply for it. It could be your start to a long and rewarding career in retail!

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