How to apply for retail jobs in Kildare Village in Ireland

Kildare Village is home to over 60 distinct stores, which cater for all of the major retail categories. Here shoppers can find high end clothing boutiques, homewares, beauty accessories and more. The establishment of this shopping complex has therefore created many retail jobs in Kildare Village in Ireland.

Kildare Village is located just outside of Kildare town and can easily be reached by train or bus from Dublin. There is a complimentary shuttle bus in operation between Kildare station and Kildare Village. Therefore it is very feasible for residents in Dublin and in the greater Kildare area to apply for positions in Kildare Village. The shopping complex is in an excellent location with good connections to surrounding urban areas, making it a good source of employment for jobseekers in the east of Ireland.

Retail jobs in Kildare Village in Ireland are advertised on the Kildare Village website. The footer on the homepage, which can be found at kildarevillage.com, contains a link to the Careers section of the site. Here jobseekers can find the latest job advertisements from any of the 60 on site businesses. An interesting feature of the Kildare Village careers application process is that certain application information is accessible to the HR staff of each of the stores. If a candidate wishes to apply for a position with one brand, their CV must be uploaded onto the Kildare Village website. This will then be visible to the other brands through the online database. Should another store be interested in employing a candidate, they can then contact the individual in question and arrange an interview.


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