What qualifications are good for retail jobs?

There are many openings for enthusiastic people in retail jobs, a sector that employs tens of thousands of people across the UK. You might be interested in buying, merchandising, managing operations in a variety of situations, or managing a store. So what retail related qualifications are currently on the radar of potential employers?

Because retail jobs are so diverse, the qualifications will need to be channelled in a specific direction. Identify your ideal post. This will determine if a university degree is required as minimal entry, or if you can enter via the shop floor.

UK universities offer many retail courses, tailored to marketing, business management, fashion, engineering or information technology.

Don't fret if your mind isn't 100% made up – most roles won't ask for a subject-specific qualification. Your employer will be satisfied that you possess a sound skillset.

Where a bit of fine-tuning would be useful would be in specialist areas such as IT.

Other areas within the industry are highly competitive, especially marketing or merchandising. A good degree (2:1 or above) will really boost your employability. Post graduate study is encouraged, with some employers willing to fund courses and grant time off for studies.

There are many courses for retail jobs, at degree level, or college certificates. Careers advice sites will assist you with your choice. But remember, qualifications are important, but an individual's passion for retail, their drive, ambition, leadership ability and experience will also shine through when vacancies arise. So be enthusiastic and passionate and you'll stand the best chance!


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