Retail job sites: Best ways to search for retail jobs online

The UK retail industry employs 2.9 million people, equating to about 11% of the total UK workforce, according to statistics by the British Retail Consortium. Job categories in retail are divers, ranging from manning kiosks at the mall to educating customers about services offered at superstores and handling PR and marketing efforts. If you are serious about finding a job in retail, retail job sites can help you find the right position online.

Retail job hunting techniques online

Retail job sites promote thousands of jobs specifically in retail on the web and also attract an equally large job-search crowd. While the vast number of retail jobs promoted online is exciting, it can make it difficult to sort through advertised openings for the opportunity that is right for you. Here are five ways to get ahead of the job-searching competition and find the retail job you want fast on the Internet.

1. Decide if you want a part-time, hourly, seasonal or entry-level retail job. Use search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find websites that specifically promote the category of jobs you want. A Google search for hourly-pay retail job websites, for example, will reveal opportunities in this category that are not even advertised in mainstream job sites.

2. Similarly, if you want a salaried position search for salaried retail job sites instead of the hourly-wage or part-time sites. This job hunting method narrows your search and helps you avoid wading through numerous jobs that you don't want.

3. Visit retail company websites and click around pages such as “Careers,” “Jobs" and "Company staff” to find listing of job opportunities available in the company. Retail companies sometimes advertise positions only on their websites, especially when they want dedicated people specifically interested in their business to fill available positions.

4. Browse online job boards and sign up for email job alerts based upon your retail job search criteria. This way you get notification of positions in your desired retail field as soon as the positions become available.

5. Sign up with online recruiting agencies such as Agencycentral.co.uk, Retailhumanresources.com and Santif Group Inc; and authorise them to search for jobs on your behalf.

Pros of retail jobs

The retail industry is diverse and this diversity is its strength. No matter what your interests are, there is almost always a retail job that matches your talents and interests. The jobs offer cool perks and benefits and also boast of flexible working hours to suit the early bird, the night owl and everyone in between. Beat the recession and pull yourself out of the unemployment list by using innovative retail job sites hunting techniques, such as those listed here, to find your dream job in retail. The jobs offer a great alternative career path.

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