Skills you'll need for a top retail job in London

Many people think getting a top retail job in London is as simple as showing up and offering to work. Not true. In the top stores in London, even beginning retail jobs require skills other shops may not. That's why, if you're determined to only work for the best, you must develop the skills you already have, and learn some new ones.

People Skills - Of course, everyone knows people skills are important in retail but having 'good people skills', what does that mean?

If you have the people skills necessary to work for a top retailer in London, you are polite and friendly to everyone. You work well under pressure, never lose your temper or are rude, have endless amounts of patience, and are able to deal with the most difficult customer. "The customer is always right" should be your motto. The top retail stores expect it.

Work as a Team - Even though most retail jobs require working individually, and even making a commission by what you alone sell, you are also working as a team. Your 'team' is your co-workers, your boss, and the store you work for. Always do everything to show everyone in the best light, and you yourself will come out a winner.

Good with Money - It's all very well having good customer service skills but, once you get to the cash register to ring up a sale, are you good with money? The most patient customer can become irritated if it takes too long to pay for something, or mistakes are made giving them their change. Bone up on your maths skills before expecting to get a job with a top retailer in London.

Knowledge of the Products - If you want to work in a London shop like Debenhams, Topshop or even an independent record shop like Honest Jon's, know everything there is to know about the products they sell before you interview for a job.

Spend a Saturday in the shop looking at products, prices, the way things are displayed, and figure out what they don't sell and why. When you do get a job interview, you're already more familiar with the store than any of your competition, and can ask the right questions too.

Attention to Detail - Cultivate your ability to pay attention to the small things, as they can be the difference between getting the top jobs and not. Pay attention to facial expressions, gestures, and things meant but not said - all of these not only help you in the interview but, also, out on the floor when selling to a customer.


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