Join the supermarket fast lane with retail graduate schemes

As other industries struggle, supermarkets continue to thrive. The busiest service sector industry in the UK offers a variety of retail graduate schemes to fast-track shop managers and company executives. Whatever your choice of company, a graduate scheme offers the ideal path to a career in retail management, providing valuable training and shopfloor experience.

Superrmarket schemes

Sainsbury's (sainsburys.jobs/graduates) offer retail graduate schemes that seek to recruit and train the business leaders of 2020. They divide graduates into 3 programmes: Commercial, Operations and People, depending on whether your skills and interests lie in selling, marketing, strategic thinking or staff interaction.

The graduate training schemes offer hand-on experience in Sainsbury's stores as well as structured placements and a thorough grounding in the company's planning and business style.

For details of graduate recruitment at Tesco, check the website at tesco-graduates.com. The UK's number one retailer has a choice of 19 graduate programmes to suit most aptitudes and ambitions.

The Store Management Programme is about dealing directly with our customers on the shopfloor, learning about how a store works, from distribution through to pricing.

Office Programmes offer a wide choice of management opportunities, from Finance through Administration to Human Resources. Tesco is not as hierarchical as some companies, and all staff are expected to be committed, flexible and able to understand a number of roles in the company.

At Asda (asdagraduates.com) offers world-class training for graduates in one of eight specialisms. Their website promises that they look for the right attitude in applicants, and then develop their retail skills. Their retail graduate schemes include the Asda Stores of Learning and the Distribution Academy, innovative ways to teach the required skills of the retail industry.

Reap the rewards

Most of the supermarkets' retail graduate schemes are designed to fast-track applicants into senior positions within five years of starting with the company. Retail management is a competitive industry, and salaries are dependent on a number of factors. As a rough guide, a store manager with a major retailer could expect a salary of at least £25,000 to £30,000.

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