Top Employers for Retail Assistant Jobs in Luton

Current retail assistant jobs in Luton can be found on hundreds of job listing websites. However, if you're not currently looking for a job and will be in the future you can always visit the top employers in Luton to hand in your CV to be kept on file for future vacancies. Sometimes, retail assistant jobs in Luton might not be advertised by the company on job listing websites so you won't know of any vacancies unless you visit the employer yourself. Retail chains such as Boots and Asda process application through their website and rarely post current vacancies on job listing sites.


Luton Airport

Luton airport consists of several retail chains and shops, all of which may have retail assistant vacancies in Luton every once in a while. As one of the UK's main airports thousands of travellers past through Luton every day; particularly busy retail stores may require extra staff on different days, so you can get your foot in the door before anyone else if you visit Luton personally and look for current vacancies that have yet to be advertised.


Large Retail Chains

Asda, Tescos, Morrisons an Sainsbury's are some of the offer some of the top retail assistant jobs in Luton. They also employ people with very flexible hours available, however they often don't advertise their vacancies online except through their own site or at their store. You can apply to all these stores online and keep your CV with them even if their are no current vacancies available and apply later. If any new stores are being built in Luton hand your CV in before the store is completed as new builds hire over 300 staff at a time.


The Mall Luton

Recently, Luton has been moving towards the retail and airport sector rather than sticking to its industrial roots. The Mall in Luton is one of the largest retail complexes in Luton, with the largest untit going to TK Maxx. Extension plans are already being considered from the Mall, which will offer new retail assistant job opportunities in Luton. You should regularly check out the Mall for opening stores and current vacancies advertised in windows from smaller firms. Alternatively, Bury Park Shopping Centre is also a large shopping complex which mainly caters for ethnic minorities.

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