How to write a resignation letter

When you change jobs one of the hardest things to get right is your resignation letter. Many of us write too much, some of us include irrelevant things, but the worse thing to do is to become negative and use it as a way of getting back at your current employer.


Resignation letters are formal documents, so they should be written as such. The letter should include your name, address and job title as well as the company’s address, even if you are going to hand it over to your boss in person. You should also include a date after the address and before the main body of the letter.

To the Point

Your resignation letter should be brief, simple and focused. It should begin with a sentence that makes its intentions clear and end with a line that offers assistance and warmth, if further clarification is required.

Remain Positive

It needs to remain positive as there is no point in criticising your current employer. It’s always better to use something positive about the new job as your motivation for leaving. Is the new job closer to home? Does it pay more money or are the career prospects better? You should also let your current employer know that you appreciated your time with the company to try and soften the blow. Don’t forget that even if you were not their biggest asset, you will still need replacing. For the company you are leaving behind this means time and money will be spent recruiting and training. This is what your boss will be thinking about when he or she reads your letter.

Final Word

A resignation letter is a very short and very formal document. No matter how much you have enjoyed your time at a company, you should keep the letter formal and professional. You can always tell your co-workers how much you will miss them yourself. The biggest mistake people make is seeing it as a forum to air their grievances. You should always remain positive and professional because you might need a reference from them at some point in the future.

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