Guide to relocating for a job

Relocating for a job can be a tricky process, especially if you are moving a significant distance or away from the area or region where most of your friends and family are based. Here we look at some of the top considerations to make before, during and after the relocation process.

Relocating for a job: before the move

The preparations for relocating can often be the hardest part. Here are some of the most important things to consider:

  • Selling your current home or giving notice to your landlord that you are going to move out. If you don't plan to move away permanently, letting out your own home or subletting your rented home could be a better solution.
  • Finding a new place to live. If you don't know the city very well, you should take some time to carefully research neighbourhoods and transport links.
  • Transportation. How will you get to and fro your new place of work?
  • Moving your possessions. How and when can you do this?
  • Contacting your phone, internet, electricity, water and fuel providers to let them know that you will be changing addresses and to transfer or cancel services where applicable.
  • Setting up a mail forwarding service.

Relocating for a job: during the move

If your preparations go according to plan, the actual moving process should be a relatively smooth one. Depending on how many possessions you will be transporting, you may need to hire a removal company. Otherwise, rope in a couple of friends or family members to help with the packing and unpacking.

Relocating for a job: after the move

Settling down into a new area can be difficult at any time - but when you're also settling into a new job it can be even harder. It's important not to completely immerse yourself in your work - take some time to make friends and enjoy the attractions and activities of your new town or city.

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