Reliance Security offers jobs in various fields

Reliance Security is one of the largest and most trusted security companies in the United Kingdom. Reliance Security jobs are available in a variety of disciplines – not just security. The company employs more than 13,000 people. Since the company offers career opportunities for all walks of life, you do not have to have experience working in security.

Reliance Security offers jobs in several fields, the largest of which is security. In fact, the company provides security services to thousands of businesses throughout the UK. Employees in the security sector work out of one of 30 local offices. Good candidates for security jobs with Reliance Security have excellent people skills and a cool head. They are also helpful and approachable, since security service is not just about warding off criminals, but also providing a safe, welcoming environment.

The company has several other divisions of employment: Custody and Police, where employees assist police forces around the country by transporting, handcuffing and supervising people in custody; Facilities Management, which includes consulting, electrical, cleaning and waste management services; Technical, where employees work to advance the field of security through technology; and Management and Sales, which involves working closely with customers and motivating a team.

With such a variety of Reliance Security jobs, there is probably one for you. The company provides excellent training to new employees, as well as ongoing development opportunities for current ones. The company frequently promotes from within, so you will have the potential to move up within the company. Reliance Security prides itself on its loyalty to employees.


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