Fancy a reliance security employment opportunity?

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Reliance is one of the most trusted names in security and they have over 30 offices throughout the UK. They provide security to thousands of UK businesses every year ranging from single key holdings to Multi Site contracts and much more. They have a wealth of customers because of the great service they offer and it is because of this that they can offer a Reliance security employment opportunity that might interest you.

Reliance operate in the security business and they have employed over 13,000 people in the 35 years they are in business. They have opportunities for a wide range of individuals so you don't necessarily have to have any experience in the security sector. Job opportunities with Reliance can range from engineering, finance, cleaning, sales and marketing, human resources and much more so there is a fair chance that there could be something there that suits you and they also offer apprenticeships.

The career opportunities that are available from Reliance can be found on their website at www.reliancesecurity.co.uk under the careers section. The full list of jobs will pop up then and just click on whichever one you are looking for and the region where you are and you will get instant access to the opportunities available. Once you find the suitable opportunity you can apply there and then just follow the steps that are laid out for you and you will be on your way.

The salaries that Reliance pay will obviously depend on the job that you apply for but you can expect to earn anything from the minimum wage of £5.93 an hour up to £20 per hour.

These are too good an opportunity to pass up so check Reliance out today and who knows your future could be sorted.

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