Most common recruitment interview questions

If you arrived at the interview phase, you meet the hiring criteria. The employer will select the candidate with the best answers to the recruitment interview questions. This is a list of the most popular questions and how you should answer them:

Q: "Tell me about yourself."

A: Talk about personal characteristics and skills that translate into career strengths. Be brief and don't ramble.

Q: "What are your greatest strengths?"

A: Discuss specific assets the employer desires such as politeness, loyalty, willingness to work hard, persistence and tenacity.

Q: "Where do you plan to be in five years?"

A: Employers like goal-orientated workers, so saying you would like to advance your career is a good answer.

Q: "What are your weaknesses?"

A: A good strategy to answer this question is to give a personal weakness that is considered a professional strength. For example, if you're applying for a sales job, you might admit to being competitive.

Q: "Why do you want to work here?"

A: You want a company that I can grow with.

Q: "Why should we hire you?"

A: You would be an asset to the organisation.

Q: "What motivates you?"

A: Do not say money, responses like a challenge, a job well done or interesting work, are more effective.

Q: "What are your salary requirements?"

A: You should stress that salary is not your primary consideration and you'd be open to any reasonable offer.

Remember, all of these recruitment interview questions have more than one appropriate answer. A good candidate does 90% of the talking in an interview and preparing your answers will maintain the employer's positive expectations of you.

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