We look for reliable recruitment agencies in Cork

Given the fact that the job market in Ireland has hit severely rocky times of late, it's no surprise that an ever increasing number of people in the south west of the country are now desperately seeking an alternative method of finding work to the various online job sites in operation at the moment.

Since 2008, Ireland has seen an unparalleled downturn in its fortunes. The days of the Celtic Tiger are well and truly over and increasingly tough austerity measures are being brought in by the government in order to start clawing back some breathing space from the debt that is suffocating each and every person in the country.

For this reason recruitment agencies in Cork have seen quite an upturn in their fortunes in the past few years. With people sick and tired of wasting their time searching for work on the various online job sites that are now so over used that it is impossible to actually find a job, an alternative was always going to arise.

Getting involved with a recruitment agency could well be the best thing you have ever done in terms of your career. You'll be able to take the weight of the job search off your shoulders by tasking them with finding you a job from their extensive list of contacts in the Cork area. And the best thing about it is that they don't get paid unless you do, so it's a real win win situation for the job seeker.

We recommend you check out the following recruitment agencies in Cork to have the best chance of success in your job search;

  • Hays Recruitment, 54 South Mall, Cork City
  • Manpower Ireland, 69 South Mall, Cork City
  • Morgan McKinley Recruitment, 6 Lapp's Quay, Cork City

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