Recruitment consultant jobs

Recruitment can provide a very satisfying and rewarding career. The following are some recruitment consultant positions currently available.

JPA Recruitment in London have a position for a trainee consultant. They are representing a client who works in IT, Accountancy and Finance. Duties include establishing new contacts with employers and their precise recruitment requirements. They are looking for someone who is highly motivated with excellent communication skills.

Be Resources are an expanding IT recruitment agency looking for a trainee consultant in Portsmouth. They are looking for a candidate with ideally 2 years experience. They are providing an opportunity to enhance career prospects and increase earning potential.

Client Server is a leading IT recruitment consultancy specialising in finance and Investment Banking recruitment. They are based in Esher in Surrey. They are offering a competitive but supportive sales environment. They are looking for a candidate who has a proven track record in sales or account manager role.

Carlin Hall are looking for a senior consultant for legal professional recruitment in the city of London. They are offering a position within a successful specialist team where clients will be split between you and one other consultant. Excellent communication and presentation skills are essential.

MBA and Company is an international community of business school professors. They are a quickly growing business and are looking to expand. They are looking for a recruitment consultant with 3-5 years experience. Salary is £30,000 to £40,000 depending on experience.

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