Working for a recruitment agency

There aren't that many commissioned sales jobs that you can walk into without experience. But that doesn’t always apply with recruitment consultant jobs, as the structure of a recruitment agency typically allows for new consultants to learn their trade by placing temporary and contract staff before taking on permanent placements.


Your experience within an industry could provide you with enough insight to allow the recruitment agency to see potential in you. You may not know sales, but you know the job you are recruiting for, so can spot the right candidates when they walk in from the street. Another skill you may possess that will help you get into the industry is a good manner with customers. Maybe you’ve worked within a customer service role, either customer facing or on the phone, and can transfer those skills to the recruitment industry.


If you decide that recruitment consultancy is the right role for you, you will have to look at the different industries the agencies in your area specialise in. If you’ve got experience within a sector like finance, clerical work or labouring, you will have a wide choice of agencies to approach. There are also general agencies that specialise in an area of the country rather than a business sector. The market is dominated by large groups like Robert Half, who place finance staff, and Reed, who place clerical staff, but you may find that a small independent consultancy could offer the best opportunities.

Know your market

If you are interested in apply for a job role with a consultancy, you will need to carry out some research. Visiting their website will give you an understanding of the types of roles they place and the clients they deal with. If you have dealt with any of the clients they place candidates with, you could find this knowledge advantageous when apply for a job.

Final word

Going to a recruitment agency and interviewing for a job could be daunting, as you will be interviewing for people who are experts in the recruitment process, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t impress them. The best advice with any job interview is to be yourself and try to relax.

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