We look out for the best recruitment agencies in London for construction

Anyone working within the construction industry will now don't know just how hard it has been hit in recent years following the global economic crisis. It seems now that there are almost no construction jobs available anywhere in the United Kingdom, at least through regular channels.

However, there are ways and means of finding positions within the construction industry if you know where to look. This means taking a look at some of the great recruitment agencies in London for construction. If you're not familiar how recruitment agencies work, it actually really straightforward. Basically, you need to do is call in, fill out an in-depth application form which lists all your previous work experience, your education and any particular qualifications that you think may be beneficial to your search for work.

Once this information has been entered into the system, you'll be contacted as soon as vacancy arises that fits your work profile. While many people turned away from recruitment agencies in the mid-1990s when the Internet started to take hold, it seems that an increasing amount of people have decided that a small percentage of wage that they need to pay to the agency each week is well worth it in order to get them back into the workforce.

However you must remember that the is recruitment agencies are not miracle workers, and unless work is actually available somewhere in London and any given time they will be unable to place you. Even if things are quieter than usual in the construction industry, there is no harm in filling out your information and submitting it to a recruitment agency so that they can  find you a position in the near future.

if you can't find a suitable recruitment agency, you can check out some of these was that we strongly recommend; Humres (22 Stephenson Way), Site Masters (152-154 Lewisham Way), Construction Jobs London (Tower 42, International Financial Centre) and CSC Recruitment (6 Snow Hill).


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