Recommended summer internships abroad

Are you looking for the best summer internships abroad? Not all summer internships are as valuable as others - you might return back to term in September to hear stories from friends who where wheeling and dealing with high flying executives in New York, and friends who spent the summer running coffees in a stuffy foreign office. So if you want to find an internship abroad that has real value, we advise that you look into these type of internships...

  • Be suspicious about internships that ask you to pay a fee. These are often run by profit-driven companies that have little concern for your education or your experience. Placements are often poorly planned and lack any real value.
  • Ask your university or college if they have any partnerships abroad or if they can recommend any companies or programmes to you. The careers department probably see dozens of students every year who intern abroad - so they should have a good idea of what is available and what are the best opportunities.
  • Do you know someone who works abroad or who has interned abroad before? Don't be afraid to use your contacts to help you find a placement. Ask them to keep an ear out for any opportunity that might not be advertised.
  • Internships in the EU are often the simplest to organise, because if you're a UK citizen, you won't require a working visa. If you want to work anywhere else, start planning early and be sure to research the type of visa you will need and whether you are eligible before you start to apply for internships.


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