Check out this guide before looking for receptionist in Sunderland careers

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom's economy is still feeling the lasting effects of the global recession, it would finally appear that many employers are starting to open things up in terms of job vacancies once more. The past few years saw a huge reduction in the number of vacancies available, leading to a massive increase in the number of people finding themselves out of work.

One of the areas which has seen the most growth when it comes to vacancies is the job of receptionist. There are fantastic careers to be carved out by anyone with an interest in working as a receptionist, but it's important that you understand what is expected of you before you decide to jump in and start applying for jobs.

As everyone knows, one of your primary concerns will be to answer the phone and ensure that all calls are forwarded to the right people or departments. This in itself can be a tricky procedure, given the fact that many companies have quite extensive business directories, and you'll be expected to deal with potentially hundreds of calls a day during busier periods.

On top of this though, you'll also need to greet visitors to the building, while advising the relevant staff member of their arrival, keep track of visitor logs where applicable, compose and respond to various emails on a wide range of topics.

It's certainly not an easy job, but if you're still interested then perhaps receptionist in Sunderland careers are for you after all. In order to find work as a receptionist and begin your career, we recommend you check out reed.co.uk, and make sure keep a close eye on listings for business based in Alexandra Business Park and the North East Business and Innovation Centre. Both of these business parks play host to a large number of independent companies who can offer you excellent job prospects starting from around £9.00 per hour up to as much as £16.60 per hour.

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