Interested in receptionist, secretarial and admin jobs in Leinster?

Leinster is a large area that includes the cities of Dublin and Kilkenny, along with innumerable towns and villages. Ireland's premier employment opportunities are found here and there are hundreds of receptionist, secretarial and admin jobs in Leinster you can apply for today.

Virtually every business requires admin staff to ensure operations run smoothly in their company. There are no specific qualifications required for admin staff in Ireland, although computer skills are essential.

A typing speed of 30 to 40 words per minute is expected of admin staff and being proficient in computer programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, is an advantage. A short computer course will quickly imbue you with these skills.

In receptionist, secretarial and admin jobs in Leinster you'll spend a large part of your day dealing with customers. Communication skills are vital for candidates of admin roles, and you'll need to be familiar with the business's products and services.

The biggest source of admin jobs in Leinster can be found with job search websites. Sites such as Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed give you access to hundreds of positions in the industry. And all you need to do before applying for a job is upload a CV on the website.

Lots of employers and recruitment agencies in Leinster use job search websites when they're trying to fill vacancies. Make sure your CV is in the best possible shape it can be, because it will be the employers and agencies first impression of you; and it matters!


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