Want to be a receptionist? Find receptionist jobs at S1 Jobs

These days it can be practically impossible to figure out which job site is the best for your needs. It seems that a new one appears at least once a month, claiming to be the very best service that job seekers need in order to get themselves back into the work force.

The latest job site to make an appearance on our radar is s1jobs.com. This excellently laid out job site specialises in finding you the right job in Scotland. Covering a broad range of industries, including the public sector, this site offers its users impressive depth and flexibility when it comes to the job search.

Its regular search allows you to pick your location in Scotland, the core skill required for the work you're looking for, an additional specialisation and whatever key words you want, while the advanced search allows you to search for full time or part time work on a contract or permanent basis. It also allows you to specify your desired salary range, in order to let you cut out any unrealistic or undesirable job listings. You'll also be able to limit your search to the specific sectors and use multiple keywords in your search.

It's one of the most impressive systems we've seen for a long time, and when looking for roles as receptionist, we found receptionist jobs at S1 Jobs very easy to come across. With wages starting in the region of £7.00 per hour and increasing to around £8.75 per hour, the main area for receptionist jobs on the site seems to be Aberdeen on a consistent basis, pointing at the fact that anyone searching for receptionist work should be willing to relocate if they aren't within commuting distance of this area.

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