Born to be a receptionist? Many receptionist roles for Preston, Lancashire jobs

Were you born to be a receptionist? Find receptionist vacancies among Preston Lancashire jobs...

You'll need to have a good updated CV and regularly apply for jobs at the right places - such as Job Centre Plus website, or through recruitment agencies as well as other websites. However, do you know what exact skills are required to be a good receptionist? You want to stand out from the others when you get that all important phone call for an interview.

When we enter offices, hotels, small businesses and big companies, the first person who meets us is usually the receptionist. Having a good warm smile when meeting the customer is very important. Show that you have a friendly personality so that the customer knows that they can approach you with ease.

Most receptionist's work is based around computers and filing. Being computer literate (especially in software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access) will come to your advantage, as well as being able to use the internet skilfully. Being confident over the phone will also help - good communication skills are vital.

If you don't have previous experience working as a receptionist then make sure you relate your previous jobs to the current job you are applying for. For example if you have had experience in customer service, talking over the phone as well as communicating with people face to face, then you can link it to being a good receptionist.

We hope this helps with you with the receptionist jobs you are applying for. Remember to stay calm and confident and you should be fine! Good luck!

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