Anyone looking for receptionist jobs in Sheffield needs to check this out

These days there's an awful lot more to the job search than simply entering a term and location into an only job site. In order to stand out from the ever increasing number of other job hunters you'll need to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the job in question in order to make sure that your application form successfully covers all the necessary bases to ensure that you can stand out from the crowd.

Now that companies are finally starting to hire staff again, it's very important that you display a strong knowledge of everything that's going to be required of you in your search for receptionist jobs in Sheffield. You'll need to know all the major software programs used in the office environment. In case you're not familiar with these products, we recommend you check out Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. Each of these programs can be found in the Microsoft Office suite.

Since your job will include answering the phone, you'll need to have an excellent telephone manner and an excellent memory in order to accurately relay any messages. Working knowledge of the major brands of telephone switch boards is an asset, but by no means essential since you'll receive all the training you need on the job.

On top of this, an excellent typing speed will be a major asset and give you a good chance of being successful in your search for receptionist work. Anything above 55WPM is desirable, though it's worth remember that speed means nothing if your typing isn't accurate.

In order to have the best chance of finding receptionist jobs in Sheffield, we recommend you use the services of some of the excellent recruitment agencies in the Sheffield area. In particular, we recommend the following who have displayed an excellent track record of placing receptionists; Office Angels (5 St. James Row), Sue Ross Recruitment (19-29 York Street) and Prime Time Recruitment (40 Castle Square). Each of these companies should have no problem in finding you a job with a starting wage of around £8.50 to £9.86 per hour, experience dependent.

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