Trying to find receptionist jobs in Bristol?

Receptionist jobs in Bristol are available with a huge number of businesses. There are no explicit qualifications required for receptionist jobs, although a certificate from a third level institution in English, business or maths will impress even the most demanding of employers.

Most employers will insist on computer skills from candidates. The most important programs to be able to operate are Microsoft Office and Excel. A typing ability of 75 - 90 words per minute will also be expected from almost all employers.

There's no need to worry if you don't have the necessary computer skills; a short course will bring you up to speed with what you need to know in no time.

Communications skills are vital for candidates of receptionist jobs in Bristol. Receptionists spend a large proportion of their day dealing with a business's customers and will need to be able to advise them appropriately.

Simple things like making eye contact more frequently with someone you're talking to can help improve your communication skills dramatically.

There are many ways of finding receptionist jobs in Bristol. Contacting local recruitment agencies is an excellent way to start and there are many top agencies located in Bristol.

Recruitment agencies cater to different industries and it's important to contact an agency that has experience of sourcing receptionist jobs.

Recruitment agencies that will help you find receptionist jobs in Bristol include:

  • Office Angels - 35 - 38 High Street, Bristol
  • Adecco - Unit 7 - 9, Colston Centre, Colston Avenue, Bristol
  • Pamela Neave - 17 & 18, St Augustine's Parade, Bristol


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