How to find and get receptionist jobs in Cardiff

There are a number of places that you could get receptionist jobs in Cardiff; it all depends on the type of role that you’re looking for. Many places will ask for Front of House staff or will want someone to man the front desk. Just some examples of where you could work include Gala Casino, Copthorne Hotel and Fusion People Ltd.

When applying for receptionist jobs in Cardiff, you usually have one shot. This means that you need to make a great impression to get to the next stage to the application process. Your CV is extremely important and will be the first chance that a potential employer will have to see who you really are.

A personal statement within the CV is important but it shouldn’t be too long. Try not to write more than 150 words and explain just what you’re capable of. Always make it match the job that you’re applying for and back it up with examples. If you’re a great group leader then add examples from your previous experience.

You don’t need to list your work in chronological order; this is something to avoid if you have a lot of gaps or your time in workplaces are short. You can list your skills and include places that you learnt those skills. If you have been working at one place for a long time then adding this is a good idea.

If you write a blog then include the link in your CV. This shows initiative as well as proving your written communication capabilities. You also need to make sure that everything is proofread and all spelling and grammar errors are corrected.

You could also consider signing up to some of the agencies that are available in Cardiff. Office Angels is a popular option but is just one of many. Acorn Recruitment is another company that specialises in those looking for receptionist jobs. You should also look at a number of websites which list available jobs, including Total Jobs and Job is Job.


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