Find receptionist jobs in Bournemouth today

Bournemouth is a large town with a wide range of businesses and services that require receptionists. You can find the majority of receptionist jobs in Bournemouth in a few minutes online.

Job search websites give you access to hundreds of receptionist jobs in Bournemouth. All that you need to do before applying for any of the vacancies you find advertised on these sites is supply them with a current CV. Apart from allowing you to apply for positions, it also gives employers and recruitment agencies the chance to view your details when they're using these sites to source staff.

And you can register for email alerts of new vacancies for receptionists in Bournemouth. They're a powerful tool to have at your disposal, especially as many receptionists are needed to start working immediately.

There are no specific qualifications required for receptionists. Good communication skills are important though, as you'll be dealing with the business's customers on a daily basis. Being able to operate basic computer programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, is also important as you'll be using a computer quite a lot as a receptionist.

There are many courses you can do to improve your skills in these areas and the staff at your local job centre will be happy to advise you on what courses and training you can take to boost your employment prospects.

Receptionists are employed in a wide range of industries in Bournemouth, and wages vary between industries and with different levels of responsibility. Most receptionists in the UK earn between £7 to £12 an hour.


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