Skills needed for receptionist jobs

Receptionist jobs have a vital role as the first point of contact customers have with any business. Here we provide a list of key skills.


You’ll be expected to be self-reliant and motivated. You will be performing vital roles for the organisation, such as booking-in clients or arranging management meetings.


You might find yourself alone at a reception desk for lengthy periods, but you are still an important part of the overall team. Excellent people skills are essential.


You’ll be relied upon to deal with everyone from senior management to the guy who comes to fix a photocopier. At all times you should be confident, and concise in instruction.

Attention to detail

Pride in your appearance and your work are crucial.


Familiarity with office routines and reception duties will assist any applications you make.


You will be party to sensitive information about clients and colleagues. Maintaining your job will be dependent on your discretion at all times.


Your duties will involve dealing with clients, external and internal. Whether that’s booking crucial appointments or dealing with maintenance staff, you’ll be expected to keep on top of everything. Prioritisation skills are all-important.


You will require excellent typing skills, and the ability to operate modern telephone systems. IT Knowledge of word-processing, style-sheet and email systems would be a great help.


An ambitious person can expect to find promotion within the first 1 to 3 years. You will go far in the industry if management see that you have drive and enthusiasm.


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