Find receptionist in Somerset vacancies today

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It's amazing how many businesses require the services of a receptionist. Doctors, dentists, vets and solicitors are just a few of the practices where you'll commonly find receptionists at work. There are hundreds of receptionist in Somerset vacancies available in the large towns of Bath, Taunton, Yeovil and Bridgwater. And you'll even find positions open in the smallest villages too.

The best place to search for receptionist vacancies in Somerset is with recruitment websites. Sites such as Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed, give you access to the vast majority of vacant positions in the area.

Once you've uploaded a CV on the website you're using, you're free to apply for any position that catches your eye. Many employers in Somerset use these recruitment sites when they're searching for staff, so if your CV is up to standard, there's every chance that you could be headhunted for a receptionist job.

And don't forget to register for email alerts of new vacancies that become available. They're a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse of the jobs market.

There are no specific qualifications required for receptionist jobs. However, the majority of a receptionist's work is done on a computer, so being proficient in key programs such as Microsoft Office and Excel is a big advantage.

Computer courses are ubiquitous in the UK and will quickly bring you up to speed if your computer skills are lacking. Communication skills are also important for receptionist jobs as you will be regularly dealing with customers.


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