We check out receptionist Greater Manchester job

Finding work these days seems to have become a full time job all on its on own.  With so many people out there competing for the same limited job openings, it is easy for you to feel stressed about your own job prospects.  With things looking like there will be little to no change for the next six to twelve months, we are going to take a look at how you can take matters into your own hands give yourself the best chance at getting the position you deserve.

Anyone searching for a receptionist Greater Manchester job, you must first make sure you are able to check off all the boxes on the list of job requirements.  As a receptionist, you will need to be a speedy and accurate typer as well being able to work in high pressure situations that may require you to take dictation on things that will only be spoken once. With that being said, you are also required to be very comfortable when it comes to using computers.

Not only will you need to be a master at using the internet, you are also required to have excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite of software, as well as some other suite softwares (this will depend on what type of industry you are in).

An excellent telephone manner is essential to being a great receptionist, as you will be the fist line of contact for the business. On top of a superb telephone manner, knowledge, or experience with, a wide range of telephone switchboards will come in very handy.

As a receptionist, you can expect to earn anywhere from £14 to £17 per hour of your time, with the lower range being reserved for those with little to no experience in the field.  To help you find these great positions, we suggest you take a look at www.jobsite.co.uk.

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