Looking for a receptionist in Essex career?

It's not hard to find a receptionist in Essex career. There are innumerable businesses in the area that require the services of receptionists. And you can find out what vacancies are available for receptionists in Essex in a few minutes online.

Job search websites give you access to large numbers of receptionist jobs in Essex. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed are some of the leading job sites in the UK. They're updated with new vacancies on a daily basis, so are well worth checking regularly for new opportunities.

All you need to do before applying for any of the vacancies you find listed is upload a CV on the website. Many of the employers and recruitment agencies in Essex use job sites when they're trying to fill vacancies, and having a professional CV on the website gives them the chance to view your details and offer you a job.

You can also register for email alerts of new vacancies for receptionists in Essex. Many of these positions require people to start working immediately, and email alerts are the best way of preparing for this.

And there are many business parks in Essex that are worth looking into for receptionist jobs. Chelmsford Business Park, beside Junction 19 on the A12, is just one example. Take some time to research the companies located here and drop a CV into the places you target for a job.

There are no specific qualifications required for receptionists. However, computer and communication skills are important in these positions. Average wages for receptionists in the UK are between £7 and £12 an hour.


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