Find receptionist, call centre or customer service jobs in Dublin West

While the Irish economy continues to move gradually towards complete and utter collapse, it might be a surprise to some to learn that there are actually an increase in the number of certain kinds of jobs being offered around the country these days. Although you might not think it from the continual negative media reporting, there are some sectors that are seeing quite a bit of growth throughout the country, and creating several hundred new jobs in the process.

One of these sectors is the renewed increase in call centres. While Ireland was once the hub for countless British based companies' call centres, recent times have seen that business move abroad to cheaper countries. This hasn't stopped a range of new Irish companies trying their hand at telesales in the Irish market though, and there are now more than ever springing up.

Like any other business model, these offices and businesses all need receptionists in order to keep things ticking over smoothly, so if you've to experience in that field you might consider taking a look at some of these new call centres in West Dublin in order to find yourself an exciting new job.

On jobs.ie you'll find a large number of receptionist, call centre customer and service jobs in Dublin West and beyond. You can expect to earn between €9 and €14 per hour for your work, but the more experience you have the more likely you are to fall into the top bracket.

You can also check out the likes of monster.ie, indeed.ie and nixers.com for even more job opportunities.

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