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It seems that a career as a receptionist is something that's becoming a popular choice for more and more people these days. While it's a role that seemed to have gone out of fashion up until recently, it is certainly one that presents a number of really great opportunities to those who are keen to learn and put everything they have into it.

As a receptionist it'll be your responsibility to act as the first point of contact for the public, clients and other companies, so it is essential that you have not only an excellent telephone manner, but also a friendly and outgoing personality. How you interact with others will play a huge part in how successful you will be when it comes to searching for a receptionist in Berkshire career, but it it won't be quite as important as your level of previous experience.

When it comes to hiring a full time receptionist, there are few companies out there who are willing to take a risk on someone who is unproven. With so many responsibilities to look after, including answering phones, composing and sending emails and memos to people in the company and beyond, creating, editing and maintaining spreadsheets and documents and much, much more, there is a huge amount of pressure on receptionists to successfully multitask in order to perform their duties as well as they can.

You can expect to earn between £9.45 and £13.70 per hour in your first year at a new company, but this will increase as you spend more time there. We recommend that you focus your job search on businesses located in the Surrey Research Park and Surrey Technology Centre areas in order to give yourself the best chance of finding suitable work.

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