Prepare yourself for the search for reception Berkshire careers right here

With so many people now starting to focus on the clerical, administrative and receptionist roles for their careers, it's not surprising that the level of competition in these sectors has risen dramatically over the past few years. Things have gotten even tougher in recent years thanks to the ongoing global recession that has threatened almost every company in the United Kingdom at one point or another.

Due to the increased numbers of people who find themselves out of work, the interest in any available position these days has been magnified many times over. Because of this we recommend that you do a little research into whether or not reception Berkshire careers are right for you before you start wasting time searching and applying for them.

Although most people have a rough idea of what it is that receptionists do, many people only understand the basics. Sure, they answer phones and greet guests and visitors to the business, but they also have a range of other roles and responsibilities.

Familiarity with all the latest computer packages for use in the office environment is essential, especially the Microsoft Office package which include Word, Excel and Outlook, the three most used pieces of software in modern offices.

It'll be the receptionist's duty to take any messages for staff members, as well as appointments and meeting schedules, and pass on the relevant information to the people in question to ensure the smooth running of the office.

It might not sound like a tough job, but let us assure you it most certainly is. You'll need to manage your time expertly, while also answering phones, emails, queries and dealing with members of staff who have issues.

The money can be quite good however, with wages starting at around £8.25 an hour and rising to as much as £20.50 depending on your level of experience. Due to the fact that almost every major company needs a receptionist, we recommend focussing your search on busy business areas, such as business parks. There are a number of these in the Berkshire area including Harwell Innovation Centre, Inigo Business Centre and Arlington Business Park.

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