Earn fantastic money from reading tutoring

Reading tutoring is a fantastic way of earning serious money assisting struggling students. You don't need any qualifications to start tutoring students, however, it's essential that you have an expert knowledge of language and literature. If you don't know your stuff, how can you expect teach students?

There are many advantages of reading tutoring for students. It's a well known fact that one on one learning is a much richer learning experience.This is because the tutor devotes all of their time to the one student and can give instant feedback on any assignments set for the student.

Many students find their motivation increases and frustration with reading reduces as a result of reading tutoring.

A good reading tutor will possess a number of skills. These include:

  • Being positive - a student will progress much faster with a positive tutor
  • Being attentive - it's vital that you notice a student's mistakes and show them where they're going wrong
  • Being precise - clear instructions are required for students to develop their reading ability
  • Being innovative - students love it when their tutor keeps lessons interesting and it helps them stay tuned to what you're teaching
  • Being patient - you should never lose your patience with a student as this will seriously damage their confidence
  • Being punctual - you should always arrive early for a lesson; a tutor who regularly turns up late will find it very hard to keep students
  • Being results orientated - set your student regular assignments and keep track of their results, so you can gauge how they are developing

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