Significant investment brings railway jobs to Manchester

Network Rail owns and operates Britain's railway infrastructure, includiing track, signalling and stations. They are determined to improve the rail network, and Network Rail are bringing railway jobs to Manchester.

One million more trains run every year than just five years ago. Over the next 30 years passenger demand for rail will more than double and freight demand is expected to go up by 140%. Investing in rail is one of the most effective ways to grow Britain's economy.

Over 3,000 people joined Network Rail last year. The company manages more engineering projects and employs more specialists than most other UK organisations. Whether your speciality is operations, engineering, maintenance or financial, you'll know that your work is helping to shape the future of Manchester.

Whatever the level of qualifications you have , the railway can provide all the training you need to start a successful career.

Network Rail operate a rigorous recruitment process. They advertise all jobs in the job vacancies section of their website. The recruitment process involves an application or CV, interview, medical, screening and references. If you are a successful candidate your future career opportunities are excellent.

Network Rail takes training very seriously with 26 modern training centres across the UK. Non-railway engineers can make the transition to the rail industry through Network rail conversion schemes, and it could be time you made the switch.

The railway industry offers exceptional scope for career progression. Whether you join as a maintenance worker or engineer Network Rail will continue to give you professional support and developement to further your experience and knowledge base.

Network Rail's work programme for the next five years will have major benefits for Manchester. You can help create a world-class rail service by applying for railway jobs in Manchester.



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