Radio jobs: where to get them and who to work for

In the UK, nearly 23,000 people are employed in the radio industry. Jobs range from presenters and producer roles, to backroom positions like digital media technician and broadcast operator. There are always plenty of radio jobs available, but where should you look for them?
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BBC radio

BBC radio is one of the nation’s top employers for radio jobs. In the UK, there are 59 BBC radio stations ranging from the ones with national coverage like Radio One, Radio 1Xtra and 5 Live to the regional stations like BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and Northern Ireland’s BBC Radio Ulster. The third tier of BBC stations comprises the local stations. These cover small regions and either broadcast to a county like Hampshire and Lincolnshire or cities like London and Leeds. Check out careerssearch.bbc.co.uk for the latest vacancies.

Heart radio

Heart is another national broadcaster who regularly advertise new positions. They run 21 local radio stations from locations like Cambridge, Norwich, Reading, Brighton and Bristol. Visit heart.co.uk/working-heart for the latest jobs.

Capital Radio

If you’re thinking of applying directly to a radio station based in London and you’re not interested in working for the BBC, why not try Capital FM? You’ll find a list of vacancies at their site capitalfm.com. Of course, you’ll need to live in the capital or be willing to commute to London as they’re located in Leicester Square.

Specialist sites

Places like media.info/radio/jobs and radiotoday.co.uk are definitely worth checking out. You’ll get some expert opinion on the job market and a list of jobs with some radio stations in your area that you’ve probably never heard of.

General sites

You should also make sure you check out the advert boards on general employment sites like indeed.co.uk and theguardian.com.

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