We take a look at the new Radio City Jobs Liverpool site

Not content with being one of the most popular radio stations in the Liverpool area with an audience of around 1,800,000 people daily, Radio City 96.7 FM has recently decided to give its listeners a helping hand to find themselves a way back into the work force with its Radio City Jobs Liverpool website.

Located at radiocityjobs.co.uk, the site carries all the latest job postings from companies based around the Liverpool area. It covers a wide range of industries and jobs including retail, sales, customer service, call centres, secretarial, administrative, hotel, catering, public sector, accountancy, banking, finances, human resources, information technology and countless others, meaning that you've now got a one stop shop for all things employment related in Liverpool.

The site boasts one of the most impressive interfaces we have seen for quite some time, with intuitive functionality merged with sleek visuals and a really appealing aesthetic. Once you sign up you'll be able to receive jobs that suit your requirements via email as soon as they are posted on the site, making the search even easier for you. Alternatively, if you've got some technical knowledge, you'll be able to use an RSS feed reader to pull the latest updates as and when they are added to the website.

Radio City Jobs Liverpool offers more than just job listings though, the site also offers a wide range of helpful advice on a number of topics including CV writing, interview tips and how to find the right job for you, and with its A-Z list of local employers, you can be sure that you'll always have your finger on the pulse in your hunt for a new job.

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