Quick guide - jobs in Asia for expats

Be an English teacher

This may be one of the most common jobs in Asia for expats. If you are a native English speaker with a teaching qualification, you are in demand by private international schools. These schools are usually located in city areas. Colleges too, may require your services. You may also want to try out language centres. You should find such job ads in the national papers. You may also target some educational institutions and send out your CV in case they need your services.

Be a consultant engineer

If you are an engineer, apply for a job in an established engineering consulting firm. Your services may be in demand when there is a complex project such as a hospital project. Consider doing the same for established developer (client) companies.

Provide a telemarketing service

If you are experienced in telemarketing, open a telemarketing small business. You may choose to specialise in the hotel niche for instance. Cold calling to get new customers to sign up for a hotel privilege card is quite common. Aside from getting commissions, you will get hotel and travelling privileges too.

Be a travel consultant

If you enjoy travelling, why not get paid to do it? Becoming an agent requires a license but becoming a travel organiser is free to do. As long as you get enough sign-ups, you get a free trip for yourself and possibly, a commission.

Be a freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you can work anywhere in the world and get paid. You will need to market your services in order to find clients.


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