Our tips for quick GCSE courses

GCSE exams usually take place twice a year - November/December and May/June. Anyone can apply to sit their exam. That means that you could sit your GCSE in less than six months.

However, if you're looking for quick GCSE courses, your choices are somewhat limited. The most popular way to study for GCSEs is to take a two year course that studies in eight to ten subjects. It is also fairly common to study for one or two GCSEs in nine months (courses start in September). Fast track GCSE courses are available but are less common. Here are some tips to help with your studies...

  • If you can't find any quick GCSE courses in your local area, consider taking on more GCSEs over a longer period. So or example, if your local college only offers GCSE courses that last nine months, take four subjects over those nine months rather than one subject over a shorter period of time. After all, the more qualifications you have, the better.
  • Online courses are a great alternative because you can normally study at your own pace. This means that you can complete the course as fast as you like - although you will have to wait for the examination date to sit the exam. You can, however, submit coursework and other assignments whenever you like.
  • If you want to learn fast, you have to be self disciplined. Dedicate a study space in your home. This will minimise distractions and help you to stay focused on your course.


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