Quick Guide - Quantity Surveyor jobs abroad

Where to work

If you are considering another country as a second home or you simply want to experience a new life-style, consider Malaysia. If you are looking for Quantity Surveyor jobs abroad, Kuala Lumpur (the capital) is the city to look out for. This country is one of the most prosperous and peaceful countries in the tropical region. It is made up of peninsular Malaysia and Borneo island (where Sabah and Sarawak are located). It has a multicultural society of primarily Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Where to be employed

You can be employed in a consultant quantity surveying firm or a (main) contractor's company. In either case, you will be more office rather than site based, although as a contractor's Quantity Surveyor (QS), you will visit the construction site more often.

How much to expect

Generally, a contractor's QS earns more than a consultant QS, although the former may work longer hours. The latter on the other hand, works the typical office hours, except when rushing to prepare tender documents for contractors to bid on.

A fresh diploma graduate earns from RM1,000 to RM1,500 per month. The average pay is about RM1,200. A fresh graduate from a degree programme earns about RM1,800 per month. Many companies do not pay for over-time (OT) work, especially if you are a senior QS upwards.

Your employment prospects

The construction field is still going strong in this country and you can find QS employment opportunities in the newspapers as often as daily. Employers range from big to small companies and you tend to work harder in the latter due to limited resources.

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