Finding quantity surveying jobs in Australia

The construction industry in Australia is currently booming and there is a large demand for workers of all kinds. Job seekers can find employment in all levels of the industry, in both skilled and unskilled positions. Those who hold the appropriate qualifications may be interested in applying for quantity surveying jobs in Australia, as there are a number of vacancies in various locations throughout the country.

The job description of a quantity surveyor in Australia is more or less identical to similar positions in the rest of the world and qualified international applicants are welcome to apply for these roles. Quantity surveyors in Australia must monitor costs and expenses during construction, ensuring that the project does not run over budget. They may also be required to advise on costs and budgeting during the planning stages, and to assist with financial issues upon completion of the project. For example it may be necessary for quantity surveyors to assist with tax depreciation schedules and insurance related details.

Quantity surveyors in Australia are needed to work on many different projects. For example job seekers in this area may be employed to advise on school building projects, railway construction, factory developments and more. They work as consultants, advisors and supervisors in conjunction with other professionals such as engineers, suppliers, accountants and solicitors. Salaries range from $40,000 to $90,000 AUD, depending on experience.

Those who are interested in quantity surveying jobs in Australia can find very helpful information on the website of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. There is also an extensive list of job vacancies for quantity surveyors on mycareer.com.au/jobs/-/construction-architecture/quantity-surveying. Positions are available all over Australia from global companies such as Technical Fusion Group.

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