We look at where you might find publishing, media and creative arts jobs in Cork

As a creative individual, you no doubt appreciate the fact that finding work was never going to be particularly easy. Even at the best of times it always proved to be quite tricky even getting your foot in the door of a design house. Instead, many designers opted to work on a freelance basis, making their money sporadically but with the freedom that only a freelance worker can have.

This certainly isn't something that suits everyone however. Anyone who lacks the self discipline to be able to motivate themselves in order to get out of bed and work of their own accord should really be looking at alternatives, but for the most part it seems that many people got on just fine working this way.

Unfortunately, the massive effect that the global economic slowdown had on Ireland is still being felt, and the creative industries are the ones that seem to have felt it the most. They say that during times of economic hardship, art becomes much more valuable to the people, but the fact of the matter is that these days there simply aren't enough publishing media creative arts jobs in Cork to go around.

You could try the local newspapers such as The Corkman or the Irish Examiner which has its headquarters in Co. Cork, but even these well respected publications are struggling to keep their heads above water in the current economic circumstances. Without advertising spend, it is almost impossible for any traditional publication to maintain profitability - or even break even in many cases - so you're going to have a long hard slog ahead of you in your bid to find publishing, media and creative arts jobs in Cork.

The only bit of advice we could offer you in order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding work is to get in touch with every Cork based publication you can find and let them know about your availability. Send them examples of your work designing for print and let them know some of your rates.

Alternatively, you could keep an eye on sites like nixers.com which have listings for many one off jobs, perfect for freelancers in the design business.

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